You Can Get Cost Assistance on Health Insurance Based on Income

You can get cost assistance based on income to lower your health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Each assistance type has different income requirements based on the Federal Poverty Level. The chart below presents an overview of  eligibility for cost assistance under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare):
Type of Cost Assistance Federal Poverty Level % Individual Annual  Income Family of Four Annual Income
Medicaid* 0% – 138%** Up to $18,754** Up to $38,295**
CHIP*** A high as 318% Differs by state
Premium Cost Assistance 100% – 400% $13,590 – $54,360 $27,750 – $111,000
Out-of-Pocket Cost Assistance (Silver plans only) 100% – 250% $13,590 – $33,975 $27,750 – $69,375
* Not all states have expanded Medicaid. Some states have their own eligibility requirements. ** Medicaid/CHIP eligibility will be updated when the new Federal Poverty level data is published in early 2023. *** CHIP eligibility differs by age and is expanded to pregnant women and caretakers in some states.

2023 Subsidy Calculator

Want to know how much cost assistance you qualify for? Check out the following subsidy calculator to get an estimate of how much you’ll save on health insurance in 2023.