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Walt Whitney is the head editor of this website and a managing partner of dog Media. Thomas DeMichele is the head author, fact-checker, and managing partner of the website and dog Media. Sean Sullivan (founder of HealthNetwork) is our trusted ad partner and advisor.

Together we use our combined decades of experience in health insurance to help ensure customers are getting the “Facts on Health Insurance.”

Our team has over a decade of experience in providing healthcare and health insurance information to an online audience.

For example, ObamaCareFacts.com has been a leading resource on health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. It has been used as a resource by nearly 40 million Americans and a number of national news outlets since 2012, including:

Our website was mentioned in USA Today  – Link

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Likewise, HealthNetwork has been helping people safely enroll with government-approved brokers since 2013 and serves over 18 million annual shoppers.

The goal of this website is to make publically available “Facts on Health Insurance” (from plan information to enrollment dates) easy to access and simple to understand. Our other goal is to ensure anyone who chooses to then sign up or get help from the links we share has a top-notch experience.

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